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The MVP from Vanessa was absolutely amazing. Best haircut experience in years!

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  • 08/23/19
  • Stitch 6. Yelp

1 rating

Worst Experience of my life, I stopped in on a saturday which I understand are very busy. My first impression though could not have met my lowest expectations. The interior was loud the TV in the waiting area was blaring, this was peppered children screaming or running about. Added to the mix were the stylists shouting back and fourth and to parents standing chairside. No one greeted me so I checked myself in and hoped I had operated the kiosk correctly. I never received a confirmatory text checking me in. My stylist called me back and my first instinct was to walk out the door. Typically when you are having your haircut you would like the stylist have hair that inspires confidence. This was not the case in this instance, I don't care how outlandish or unique a stylists hair is but, the style should be well executed. When i sat down the stylist seemed out of sorts she asked me how I wanted my hair and seemed perplexed, without asking any further questions she proceded to butcher my haircut in a way that could only be written into a bad 90's sitcom episode. The entire time the place was chaotic. When I looked in the mirror I was handed did not grasp just how bad the botch job was. I should have known something was not right as the stylist very hurriedly washed my hair, rushed me back to the chair. Offered no follow-up product or moisturizer, told me she would meet me at the counter and rang me up. the 5 dollar beard trim fee was frustrating as I had to fix that damage as well. When I got out to my car and looked in the mirror I was furious and embarrassed, I drove down the street to an actual barber who was unable to salvage any hope of how I would of like my hair but was able to buzz and fade the remaining hair back to normal. This salon was the epitome of wanton unprofessionalism. I would tell anyone who is looking for a haircut to look elsewhere this franchise seems more concerned with appearing "guy friendly" with gimmicks and LCD screens then it does with hiring actual skilled stylists. The only thing more alarming then the lack of haircutting skill was the deafening pop and rumble of the central vacuum system which made sure to make it impossible to relax or enjoy oneself. If you are looking for a good men's haircut right down the road down central or up secor there are two great local barbers with skilled professionals. Or if you want a "guy friendly" salon where you wont be left looking like the victim of a kindergartner run-amok with scissors I would recommend Roosters on Monroe, they were booked up, and I needed a cut, which is how this whole mess started.

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Joshua H. | August 26, 2019 Google

"The MVP from Vanessa was absolutely amazing. Best haircut experience in years!"

Stitch 6. | August 23, 2019 Yelp


stitch 6. | August 23, 2019 Google

"Worst Experience of my life, I stopped in on a saturday which I understand are very busy. My first i"

Dennis K. | July 20, 2019 Google

"Sarah did a great job"

hamdallah a. | July 18, 2019 Google

"I checked in online it said to come at 5:18 They made us wait until 6:10 Bad service"

Lee T. | July 2, 2019 Google

"Was there with a friend. We walked in and no one greeted us, or tried to explain the computer operat"

Shirley G. | June 29, 2019 Google

"Get a hair cut and massage's"

Jessica M. | June 21, 2019 Facebook

"We always go to Kristiana she?s by far the best there!"

Caleb B. | June 18, 2019 Google

"Love Sarah! She's very professional and personal in her service. I would recommend her to anyone loo"

Joe G. | June 1, 2019 Google

"Very unhappy"